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18 January 2019 @ 09:11 am

Please refrain from messaging the mods regarding membership related issues. We are not receiving new members.
28 February 2017 @ 09:18 pm
Today, February 28th, we purgued community's membership.

The reason, as always, has been the constant violation of our rules. We've let many of them pass, trying to avoid reaching this point. But there is always a limit, and this time it has been reached.

It's getting tiring to go around any of our accounts, and see how people gives a afsgdhfg about what we ask you in exchange of our work.

We don't get paid for this, we have RLs, and we do this in a try to help. The only thing we've ever asked in exchange was respect.
Respect towards us and towards our work. I don't think it's a high price to pay.

Now, this is not the only thing that caused this, but it was the last straw: our links, being posted openly on mydramalist. Not just in passing, but this user expressly went around spreading links that weren't supposed to be taken outside the community. (marked as spoilers so only mydramalist members can see them)

We have deleted the files from our mediafire account, so they cant get access to them. But the lack of consideration towards every member and former member of this community, as well as towards us, is seriously sad.

I understand this is a huge inconvenience for all, having to go through joining a community that recently wasn't that easy to join. It hasn't been easy for us to remove everybody either. And making you, and us mods, go through this was the last thing we wanted and we tried to avoid.

We are not closing the community, and we have settled a new membership post for you to join.The joining process is pretty much the same as before.

We announced our next project already, and that's still up as long as we don't face this kind of situation again.

So please, please, this time, let's try to be nice and participative, and let's all do our best to not be asses.

And last of all, remember, we don't force anybody to join the community. If you don't like us, or you don't like our ways, nobody is forcing you to join.

-- Menimi Mods --