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30 July 2016 @ 03:06 pm
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Welcome to Menimi.

★ Community dedicated to sub mainly (but not exclusively) Arashi's videos. We'll work on things that catch our attention, from variety shows to movies
Every release will be MEMBER-LOCKED.
★ The projects shared by this community are for PERSONAL use only.
★ English is not our mother tongue, please, forgive us if we make some mistakes here and there. (We take feedback as long as is given in a respectuful way)
★ You can request a project, we promise we'll consider it, but we don't promise to work on it.To request a project, do it in the | Released projects | post, please.
Starting August 2016, we'll provide hardsubs only.
★ As of July 24th some members were removed from the comm.
★ As of October 9th membership will be done by invitation only.
★ If you have any other question, contact the mods! (fickleunicorn or tabunhappy). We will only reply messages regading issues not explained in the post, any issue regarding membership removal, asking to be added or c&p of joining applications will be ignored.

DON'T STREAM: fansubbing is illegal. Starting from that, we have decided to limit the distribution of our projects to this community only, away from streaming. To help this comm survive, please, don't stream ANY of our videos in partial or total way ANYWHERE.

DON'T CREATE MIRRORS: We'll give at least 2 mirror options per project, so unless we specifically ask you, do not create additional links.

DON'T RE-DISTRIBUTE: Joining Menimi is quite easy, so please, if any of your friends want any of our videos, direct them to the original post. Do not give them the dl links or passwords and do NOT share the files via hard drives or similar.

DON'T RE-UPLOAD: Do not upload ANY of our works to ANY file sharing site nor to ANY subtitle download site. Re-uploading our projects somewhere else equals stealing our work, so please, don't.

DO NOT SELL: These subs are for free (and if you have paid for them, you've been scammed), so do not make profit from our work.

DON'T REPOST: Do NOT post ANY of the content from this comm, anywhere. Not only the subs, download links and passwords, but also the post cointaining them, believe it or not, this happens too.

DON'T RIP TANSLATIONS: We work hard in each of our projects, so do NOT copy our translations nor make them pass as yours. That's stealing our work.

NO RETRANSLATIONS ALLOWED: when translating a first time, it already loses some parts of the meaning. Re-translating may result in a distortion of the meaning. So please, DON'T re-translate into your language using our subs.

DON'T MODIFY OUR FILES: This includes making hardsubs from our softsubs, renaming our files, re-encoding, etc.

Before  leaving a comment, take your time to make sure you meet the required criteria to be accepted.

1.- Members that have 0 or low participation on LJ (comments posted) based on the date your account was created and the number of communities you are part of, will be automatically rejected. We know some of you may be busy and not around much, but is not that hard to drop a comment every once in a while or to comment things around.

2.- Each profile will be considered individually, which means, there's not a standard in # of comments posted, etc. So gathering comments just to get in and then ghosting on us, won't work out.

2. Leave a comment in this post (only LJ accounts will be approved), with the following:
     - tell us a bit about you
     - where are you from (Please specify the country)
     - Include what other social networks you use. *optional*
     - Please state where or how you find out about menimi.
3. If you forget any step, your membership won't be approved and we won't tell you what your comment is missing.
4. Wait for an invitation to join the comm. (And be patient, some times, it may take us longer to check requests, once you receive the invitation you have 30 days to accept or decline, so please check your inbox as we won't re-send invitations unless you request again on the post [not by dm, pm or tweets])
5. We reserve the right to decline or revoque membership without previous notice, if we see fitting.

24 July 2016 @ 05:17 pm

This won't be a very happy post, but is a more than needed one. We have tried to be a relaxed comm, and continued our projects despite the constant rule breaking with most of our releases, however at this point we have lost most if not all our tolerance when it comes to it.

So as of July 24th we have removed multiple members from the community, and we'll be implementing changes in our rules and application process. Many won't be happy with this solution but we have been lenient for + 2 years and still, the rule breaking continues, not only by reposting/streaming our subs, also by sharing them with no members who take the liberty to reupload them as they please, having multiple or shared accounts inside the comm which is implicit against our rules, just to mention a few of the issues we have encountered lately.

We could make people comment on a post or start a new comm, but members commenting just to stay and then disappear again or putting us through the whole process of moving comms wasn't something we wanted to do.

Each profile was checked individually (yes, all 6,040 we originally had) and we based our decision on that taking multiple factors in count (we're not saying all those removed were rule breakers, some were removed for innactivity), however if you feel you have been unfairly removed, you can comment here or message us to let us know. (Please check your settings to make sure we can pm you)

We really sorry we have to get to this, but we have to do what we have to do, to protect the comm and ourselves (cuz illegal, you know).

Membership will re-open soon, so we encourage you to be more active in fandom, we all are busy but if we have time to dl, we can participate a little more too (commenting and interacting on the  coms you are a member, etc).

Emi & Ria.